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Introducing X-halo

X-halo just might be the most significant advance in home asthma/COPD management since the invention of the inhaler.

What does it do?

X-halo allows asthmatics and COPD patients to track their airway inflammation levels every day at home in just a few minutes.

Why does it matter?

X-halo matters because asthma and COPD attacks are preceded by increased inflammation levels in the lungs. With X-halo, sufferers will be able to know when their inflammation levels are unusually high allowing them to take precautions and even medication depending on their Action Plan. This is a huge step forward , especially for severe asthmatics and COPD patients who - until now - had no easy way to get a quick airway Inflammation reading at home.

How does it work?

X-halo uses patented technology to detect inflammation levels by measuring the temperature of the air in your lungs - also known as Exhaled Breath Temperature, or EBT. Developed and patented in 2006, this technology was only available to academic and clinical researchers until the launch of X-Halo home. Find out more at www.x-halo.com

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